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Shopify & Solana integration

The NFT market has been actively developing in recent years. More and more investors are putting up in digital art. NFT is growing in price, which benefits investors and asset owners.

Among decentralized functional projects, Solana stands out. It is a new high-performance Blockchain that supports NFT. It has become one of the leaders, offering high transaction processing speed, a strong developers community, and immediate blocks completion. In recent years, Solana NFT has been influencing the development of the market.

The most notable developments are Galactic Geckos, Degenerate Ape Academy, SolPunks, Bald Badgers, etc. Solana NFT has excellent potential and recently it became possible to integrate Solana NFT into Shopify. We consider this integration as a massive push for the further development of Web3 and Web2 integration with mass adoption of NFTs.

Sell & Mint NFT on Shopify

NFT collectors, artists, and other digital artists are looking for effective ways to express their creativity. At the moment, artists are not well connected with Web3 and Crypto while most of them are quite familiar with traditional Web2 and eCommerce. Good for them, it is possible now to sell NFT on Shopify within Web2. Shopify platform allows to manage an advanced online store and sell Solana NFTs for both crypto and fiat currencies.

How to launch the NFT project on Shopify

Launching NFT projects is not an easy process that requires considering many subtleties. Each launch consists of the following steps:

  1. Building. Firstly, install the Shopify NFT App (Contact us for access). Create and publish the NFT collection via NFT App.
  2. Bidding. Publish and receive purchase requests from users are collected on the Shopify NFT website. The operator specifies who has the right to bid, the cost of the auction, and the level of detail.
  3. Clearing. At this stage of launching NFT projects, the operator analyzes the collected applications from buyers. It’s possible to filter, select or ban transactions based on project requirements. The operator can do it both manually and automatically.
  4. Distribution. Lucky buyers have the right to claim or receive their legitimate NFT both in Web2 and Web3 from the operator. The operator distributes NFTs via the Claim page to buyers or makes returns if some transactions didn’t meet requirements.
  5. Disclosure of metadata. It is the last step where the seller reveals the metadata.

These are the general steps for launching a typical NFT project via the Shopify platform. An adequately executed steps of the NFT project lead to optimal results both for project owners and the community.

Minting NFT inside Shopify

The method of creating a non-fungible token is called minting. Shopify mint NFT is one of the leading directions in developing digital assets in Web2.

While many projects mint NFTs on custom platforms, mint on Shopify could be much easier and cheaper while having a high-end platform for inventory management and analytics. Shopify is one of the largest Web2 platforms that provide access to the implementation of digital asset trading. NFT Solana is actively integrating with the Shopify ecosystem.

Despite using the Web2 platform, NFTs on Shopify are entered into a public ledger of chosen blockchain and could pass any verification. Such a record makes it possible to set the optimal commission, which will also allow the project to receive passive income from each sale of a digital asset on the market if the NFT will have a secondary market.

The task of building your own Shopify store and mint Solana NFT is a process that takes time and careful planning of all available resources. The method of creating a non-fungible token is called minting. When you mint Solana NFT, it is automatically registered in the Solana Blockchain system. Once you create your collection, you can use it to sell in the Shopify store or NFT marketplaces that support Solana Blockchain.

Strategy planning

To get started, you need to begin planning your NFT collection marketing & sales strategy. It is necessary to set the goals and objectives of the development. If your NFTs are based on Shopify or any other platform, you need to understand what goals you plan to achieve.

When planning to launch an NFT collection, a lot of attention should be paid to marketing strategy. Quality graphics are essential, but good planning and high-quality tools are critical. You need to pay attention to some things:

  • Project presentation — design, branding, visuals, proper channels of communication;
  • Preparation of the audience — it is essential to decide in advance for whom the NFT project is intended, create and manage a community, usually NFT project manages a community in Discord;
  • Platform preparation — the execution of mint, launch and reveal of NFT directly depends on this. It’s very important and needs to be considered in advance.

Decide why you are developing an NFT project. Whatever the answer, you need to set a clear goal to achieve the best results.

NFT design

So, to create an NFT, you need to come up with an original design. First, you need to choose artwork or designs for fungible tokens. Almost any digital file can be included here from vector graphics to video. You can upload your digital file in Shopify NFT blockchain and then give it any name when minting on Solana.

For example, you can make an NFT item out of text, music, video, or a picture. You can use any resources presented in the form of multimedia.

To come up with an NFT idea, you need to connect a little imagination and decide on goals. Consider famous NFT marketplaces like OpenSea or Magic Eden to get inspiration. Turn your intention into individual artwork that can’t be found anywhere else.

Creating an NFT Collection in Shopify

With our Shopify NFT App, you can create your own NFT Solana collection. The principle of operation is simple as follows:

  • First, you need to upload an image file that you want to sell as NFT in Shopify.
  • Next, you need to specify the characteristics of the collection that will be sold in your store. Supply of NFTs, royalties, price. The standard royalty for each NFT resale is typically 10% of the sale price.
Setting characteristics of NFT in Shopify App
  • Activate your NFTs simply by changing product status in the Shopify Admin panel.
  • The client goes to the page with the created Solana Shopify collection using a special tool — Shopify Checkout. The buyer purchases the digital product as a standard product, and you receive fiat money for your work.
  • You can then view the Risk of the Order, request it to be executed, and start the process.

It can be challenging to create a collection on your own, so it is better to take the help of experts who can help you. You don’t have to understand cryptocurrencies. All payments are received through fiat money.

Publication of NFT in the store

Once an NFT collection is created, you can publish it. To do this, you need to register a Shopify store. After the registration is completed, it remains to install the App, upload your media, converting it into an NFT object. Name your item, and click on the “Create” button to prepare it for sale.

Next, you need to create storefront in your Shopify NFT store to make it catchy and memorable. If you need help in design and building your store, contact and agency but here we speak about publication NFT. The process is quite simple. To get started:

  1. Go to your Shopify store.
  2. Add all information about released NFT items.
  3. Enable the checkout and checkout process for buyers.
  4. What’s special about NFTs on Shopify? You do not necessarily need cryptocurrencies. All payments could be done both through fiat money and crypto.
  5. Make sure your NFTs are “Active” in Shopify.
  6. Make a test purchase without public access to NFT.
  7. Publish NFT and let people know about it.

As you can see, the process of publishing an NFT is not tricky.

Shopify App Showcase Video

NFTs are published and ready to buy

After the publication of the NFT in the Shopify NFT App, the collection is ready for purchase. In the initial stages, the sale of digital assets requires specific elements to attract potential buyers’ attention. It will be possible to increase sales over time by cross-promo, partnerships, and boosting the FOMO concept.

How will customers purchase or mint NFTs in Shopify?

  • The client goes to the page with the created Solana Shopify collection using a special tool — Shopify Checkout. The buyer purchases the digital product as a standard product, and you receive fiat money for your work.
  • You can then view the Risk of the Order, request it to be executed, and start the process.
  • Our App will automatically send a Claim page which will enable the customer to receive NFT to his/her wallet. You don’t need to worry about the rest.

What does the process of minting and buying NFT look like?

With the help of Shopify Checkout, the buyer can pay the seller of the NFT collection using fiat money or cryptocurrency. The buyer receives the Claim Page link, enters the address of the cryptocurrency wallet, or gets a link to create a new one.

After purchase, the Shopify NFT minting process begins using the Solana Blockchain.

Our App will automatically send a Claim page which will enable the customer to receive NFT to his/her wallet.

Next, a transaction takes place with the transfer of the NFT to the buyer’s wallet.

The buyer receives his NFT. It can be found on the Solana NFT marketplaces — for example, Magic Eden, SolanaArt, Solsea, and some others.

The buyer can resell the collection on other marketplaces. The digital asset owner and the native market receive a special NFT royalty.

In conclusion

Selling and minting NFT Solana is actively developing in Shopify, becoming more available to any brand and any size of business. ECORN Agency offers a wide range of NFT services and is excited about your future NFT project. We will help develop a strategy, content marketing plan, Shopify NFT themes, and Shopify NFT templates.

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