Set up your NFT Shopify store: Ultimate Guide

Many people do not take NFT seriously. However, NFT does deserve to be taken seriously especially in eCommerce. NFT market is growing rapidly. OpenSea has reached $10B in Total Volume. There are many reasons to believe that NFT and blockchain are going to be integral parts of eCommerce pretty soon. We cant pass by this trend anymore.

How Shopify Handles NFTs

What networks does Shopify support?

What Payment Gateways and Mechanisms Does Shopify Offer?

How Do I Sell My NFTs on Shopify?

Create Your Own Website

Choose a Payment Gateway

Create Your NFT

Set Prices Properly

Outline your marketing campaign

DIY or find an Agency

What Should I Remember When Creating My NFT?

How does it go?

Other Platforms

Summing it up

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